May 08, 2012

Aaron Stefanski and Jessica Clark - Charged With Driving Car With Four Children Tied To Hood

Fort Wayne, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Aaron Stefanski, 29, and Jessica Clark, 29, were both jailed Monday after they allegedly strapped four children to the hood of a car while driving home from a liquor store.

According to Fort Wayne Police, a witness called 911 around 5:30 to report that a man and a woman had tied four children to the hood of their car before driving away from a local liquor store. Another resident saw the couple driving with the kids on the hood and confronted them about it.

A few minutes later, a U.S. Marshall also saw the vehicle and pulled the couple over, holding them at the scene until police arrived.

Investigators Stefanski, who was driving the car, was administered a breathalyzer test and found to be more than twice the legal driving limit.

The children, ages four, five, six, and seven, were not injured - but appeared to be shaken up by their terrifying ride. Three of the children belonged to Stefanski, and the fourth child belonged to Clark

Stefanski and Clark were booked into jail and charged with neglect of a dependent. Stefanski was also charged with three counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.


The charges seem a little mixed up to us. Three counts of DUI and one count of neglect seems backwards, considering he was only caught driving drunk once this time, and it was actually four children placed in danger - not one. After checking, the charges seem to be accurate, but we will continue monitor the case for changes.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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