April 19, 2012

William Everage, Jessica Tooley - Jailed On Child Molestation And Incest Charges

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Anderson, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - William Everage, 37, and his girlfriend Jessica Tooley, 30, have been jailed after they molested several underage children, including Tooley's daughter.

Everage, a three-time convicted sex offender was jailed in late March after he failed to register as a sex offender after he was released from prison. He then allegedly molested four girls (ages 8 to 12), one of which was his girlfriend's daughter.

Investigators say Everage had sex with one girl on two occasions, made the victims rub their genitals, forced the victims to watch pornographic movies and then touch each other in a sexual manner.

During the investigation, Everage implicated his girlfriend, Jessica Tooley, in the sexual abuse of her own daughter.

Police say Tooley admitted to tying the girl to a bed and then forcing her to drink alcohol. While the child remained tied to the bed, Tooley and Everage engaged in sexual intercourse while the little girl was forced to watch them.

Tooley also admitted to performing oral sex on the girl and then fondling her.

Tooley claimed that she abused the child because Everage had threatened to cut her with a knife if she didn't. Tooley's story, however, did not match up with the victim's description of the assault.

The alleged sexual assaults took place in November and December of 2011.

Everage and Tooley were booked into the Madison County Jail. Everage has been charged with five counts of child molestation and failing to register as a sex offender. Tooley has been charged with two counts of child molestation and two counts of incest.

Investigators say additional charges are pending.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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