April 12, 2012

Ray Woods - Jailed After Officers Discover 89 Bags Of Drugs Tied To His Penis

Folcroft, Pennsylvania (The Weekly Vice) - Ray Woods, a 23-year-old Folcroft man was jailed Friday after police allegedly found 89 bags of drugs tied to his penis.

According to Sharon Hill Police, an officer reportedly became suspicious after noticing a car sitting on the side of a street with its lights turned off in an area known for drug activity.

Officers approached the vehicle and noticed what appeared to be a bag of marijuana laying on the floor of the vehicle near Woods' feet.

When officers asked Woods to step out of the vehicle, they discovered a glass vial in the seat containing what appeared to be more marijuana. Officers also noticed a large bulge in Woods' jeans in and around the groin area.

He was placed in a patrol car and taken to the Sharon Hill Police station.

When they arrived at the police station, Woods was ordered to strip down for a search. When he removed his pants, the officer spotted a large plastic bag containing a colorful array of smaller baggies tied to his penis. When the officer went to untie the bag, Woods attempted to urinate on him.

Officers eventually removed what added up to be 89 bags of cocaine and heroin from Woods' penis. Woods was also in possession of $652 - mostly in small bills.

He was booked into the Delaware County Prison and charged with possession with intent to deliver, tampering with evidence, and other related offenses. He was released after posting 10% of a $25,000 bond.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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