April 29, 2012

Daiquiri Miller - Drugs Went In, Babies Came Out - Seventh Child Removed From Her Care After Testing Positive For Cocaine

Tulsa, Oklahoma (The Weekly Vice) - Daiquiri Miller, a 34-year-old Tulsa woman was jailed after a seventh child was removed from her care after the child tested positive for cocaine.

According to Tulsa Police, Miller's latest child (born on March 31st) tested positive for cocaine after she admitted to using marijuana, cocaine and alcohol every single day during her pregnancy.

She also asked health officials "what took you so long" when they arrived to take the child into protective custody.

Investigators say seven children have been removed from Miller's custody over the years because of her continued drug use.

In 2000 ,2009, and 2010 Miller gave birth children who tested positive for cocaine and marijuana when they were born. In 2009, she asked a health services worker "So are you taking him or what" during an investigation.

On three other occasions, Miller had children taken away by the Department of Human Services on accusations of abuse. In 1997, a three month old was taken because of a suspicious broken leg. In 1999, a child was taken after police became aware of her drug use and feared neglect. In 2006, officers caught Miller smoking cocaine next to her four-month-old daughter in a vehicle.

Miller has also been been arrested several times on prostitution charges.
Investigators say she solicited an undercover officer in February while pregnant.

Miller was booked into the Tulsa City Jail and charged with child abuse and two counts of prostitution. Her bail was set at $250,500.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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