April 04, 2012

Brooke Burke - Jailed After She Refused To Stop Slow Dancing With Groom At Wedding Reception, Attacked The Bride

North Olmsted, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Brooke Burke, a 36-year-old Ohio woman was jailed after she allegedly refused to stop slow dancing with the groom at a couple's wedding reception.

According to police, the bride at a wedding reception got a surprise reaction when she asked Burke to stop slow dancing with her new husband.

Burke, who is reportedly married to the groom's brother, took exception with the request and retaliated by taking a swing at the bride. Burke then allegedly hurled expletives at the bride as other guests pulled her away.

Witnesses told police that Burke, who was visibly intoxicated, attacked the bride at least twice during the evening.

A short time later, while waiting outside the reception for a cab, Burke approached the bride a third time and tried to attack her yet again. A witness who tried to restrain Burke was pushed to the ground.

An auxiliary officer who attended the reception restrained Burke until she fell to the ground kicking and screaming, according to police. A second auxiliary officer rushed in to help after Burke struck the first officer in the face several times.

Burke was eventually subdued, arrested and stuffed into the backseat of a police cruiser.

She was transported to the North Olmsted Police station and charged with assault and disorderly conduct intoxication.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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