April 30, 2012

Andrea Ginther Celebrated Earth Day With A Litterbug Smack Down

Andrea Ginther (left), Mercadies Kirby (right)

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Muncie, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Andrea Ginther, a 44-year-old Indianapolis woman was jailed on Earth day (April 22) after she allegedly got into a brawl with another woman because she saw her litter.

According to police, Ginther was driving through Muncie when she reportedly saw 23-year-old Mercadies Kirby litter.

Ginther allegedly confronted the woman, and a fight ensued. When officers arrived on the scene, Ginther was found repeatedly punching Kirby in the face.

Kirby told police that Ginther attempted to hit her with her truck, then pulled over, got out of her vehicle, and approached her in a hostile manner. Ginther told police that she "does not take littering lightly".

Kirby and Ginther were booked into jail and charged with disorderly conduct. Ginther was also charged with battery resulting in bodily injury and resisting law enforcement. Both women were released after posting bond.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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