March 29, 2012

William Olsen - Jailed After Twisting And Squeezing Infant Daughter's Limbs, Child Suffers 21 Fractured Bones

Sandstone, Minn. (The Weekly Vice) - William Olsen, a 20-year-old Minnesota man was jailed after he allegedly squeezed and twisted his 7-week-old daughter until she had 21 fractured bones.

According to police, the infant's parents brought her to a local hospital after they noticed she was unable to move her arm and her leg appeared longer than the other. The baby also cried as if she were in a great deal of pain.

When doctors learned the infant had several fractured bones, they transported her to the University of Minnesota hospital. Doctors there determined that the girl was suffering from 21 fractured bones, with 5 additional possible fractures.

Parts of the infant's body that was injured included the girl's ribs, legs, skull and arm. Doctors performed emergency surgery on the infant, but say the child may suffer permanent disfigurement.

During questioning, Olsen allegedly told police that he squeezed and twisted his daughter's limbs because she wouldn't stop crying. He stated that he was trying to get the girl to be quiet so he could sleep.

Olsen was booked into jail and charged with four counts of first-degree assault and malicious punishment of a child.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Nononsense387 said...

How is it that is ANIMAL could just be charged with four counts of assault when that is CLEARLY ATTEMPTED MURDER!!!! And "malicious punishment"? R u serious? On a 7 week old? Who doesn't even know what the hell "punishment IS??? I'll tell ya! This justice system is &*^%$# up & if I had it my way with these child abusers & molesters? OTHER COUNTRIES WOULD BE DONATING BODY BAGS BECAUSE WE WOULD CONSIDERABLY RUN THE HELL OUT!!!!

Stormblast said...

This is absolutely disgusting! I wished I could drive up to Sandstone and break a few of his bones and see it that will make him "stop crying".....retards, kids don't come potty trained and hitting them or hurting them will NOT stop them from crying!

Anonymous said...

OMG could I just put a bullet in his cromagnum skull.He can sleep eternity away

Lexi said...

Can somebody torture and shoot this monster, please?

Anonymous said...

What an ass!!!!!. Put that SOB in a cell with the biggest, meanest guy ever and let him fracture his bones and then make him his "bitch" WITHOUT lube!!! ROT IN HELL SOB!!!

Imatexanfan said...

He needs the same shit done to him...eye for an eye tooth for a tooth...

Anonymous said...

I agree with you all and what i do know is the baby is doing well with her recovery i am a very good friend of the mother and sadly the dads x he is a disturbed man and a new parent what i can say is the family and all us friends are keepin the little one in our prayers and praying billy gets the same brutal punishment he gave his very presious daughter the things he will endure in the prisions are just as needed as to the mom i love you sissy and give little sao a kiss for me

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