March 29, 2012

Lindsey Morgan - Woman Seven Months Pregnant Drives Drunk, Crashes Into Tree While Fleeing Police

Buckley, Mich. (The Weekly Vice) - Lindsey Morgan, a 31-year-old Michigan woman, was charged with DUI after she allegedly crashed into a tree while fleeing from police. All while being seven months pregnant with a 2-year-old inside the car.

According to the Wexford County Sheriff's Office, Morgan punched the gas pedal and fled when an officer tried to pull her over Wednesday about 10 p.m..

The pursuit came to an abrupt stop when Morgan's vehicle crashed into a tree. She was taken into custody by a Wexford County deputy.

Investigators say Morgan was intoxicated at twice the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle. She is also seven months pregnant and had her 2-year-old daughter inside the vehicle.

Morgan was booked into the Wexford County Jail and charged with DUI - Third Offense.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Nononsense387 said...

Kids should be taken away obviously she is selfish and has no regard for her OWN life!!! Jeesh!!! Just another DUI charge eh? No wonder why the troll keeps doing it over and over again with the slap on the wrist she gets!!! What about the CHILDREN???

Anonymous said...

i hear she got caught dinking again after getting out of jail,and is now back in jail,is this true and today at 1pm is her court date,8/21/12

Anonymous said...

The kids were not taken away, she currently has both of them in her home, plus a third, and is pregnanr with a fourth! and the father of the now almost 4 yr old who found out about her through this, is STILL fighting for custody

Anonymous said...

She is currently sober since and hasn't had a drop since she received her DUI and will never drink again! She did get the two year old taken away and placed with a relative for a short time but now is being the wonderful person and mother that she is sober. And yes the almost four year old father is tryn to get her but guess what he wont he just got out of jail himself and is on probation and mind you he has only been in her life for a short time! Thank you God is Good

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