March 18, 2012

Lawrence Staley Had A Curly Fries Melt Down

Banks, Oregon (The Weekly Vice) - Lawrence Staley, a 48-year-old Oregon man was jailed Thursday after he allegedly assaulted a Jack In The Box employee with a breakfast sandwich.

According to police, Staley became angry when he purchased breakfast from a local Jack In The Box restaurant - then discovered that curly fries were more expensive than regular fries.

Investigators say Staley pulled his car out of the drive-thru, entered the store and complained about the price.

An employee on duty confirmed that curly fries were indeed more expensive than regular fries, but gave Staley an order of regular fries in addition to the curly fries to make him happy.

Staley walked away, but decided he still wasn't satisfied. In retaliation, he reached into his bag, grabbed a food item and threw it at the employee.

After realizing he had missed the employee, Staley grabbed his Breakfast Jack sandwich and threw it at the employee as well - striking the employee in the back of the head.

A restaurant manager followed Staley outside and confronted him about the assault, however Staley jumped into his car and fled the scene. The manager took down Staley's license plate number and called police. Staley was located and arrested later the same day.

He was booked into the Washington County Jail and charged with harassment and second-degree disorderly conduct.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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