March 28, 2012

Hamburglar Snatches Food From McDonald's Drive-Thru, Flees Into Nearby Woods

Augusta, Maine (The Weekly Vice) - An unidentified man is wanted by police after he snatched a bag of food from a McDonald's drive-thru employee as it was being handed to a customer.

According to police, a customer was receiving an order of food through a McDonald's drive-thru when the burger bandit popped out of nowhere, grabbed the bag from the drive-thru employee and then fled the scene.

Officers canvassed the area and found a man fitting the suspect's description eating a bag of McDonald's food in a fast food rival's parking lot.

When the officer tried to approach the suspect, the burger bandit swore at the officer and then fled into a nearby wooded area. The suspect was never located or identified.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Nononsense387 said...

My stomach hurt so bad! And NOOO not from eating McDonalds. From laughing at Danny's write up about this story! DTFL :O "burger bandit popped out of nowhere, grabbed the bag from the drive-thru employee and fled the sccene." This dude had to be casing the joint & looking for the right moment. He had to be H&H (Homeless & Hungry) I feel sorry for him. C'mon all he hurt was the bag when he grabbed it & held on for dear life!! He didn't hurt anyone & being desperate, he could have. I say leave him alone. (Giggling)

Mr. Lee said...

Officers probably felt sorry for the hungry fuck and let him run off.

mrskailuakona said...

The Hamburglar is most likely homeless very thin with HIV+ he's quick on foot too bad the police in Maine eat too many donuts to capture this felon who's in tip top shape. After fleeing into the woods did the cops follow him back to his homeless camp? I guess not! The police tell the hungry customer "well we tried to track him down he got away I'll take a large coke & supersize fries to go!"

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