March 27, 2012

Couple Jailed After Torturing 8-Year-Old Daughter With Heated Up Spoon, Locking Her In Shed

Phoenix, AZ (The Weekly Vice) - Alberto Melendez-Baez, 27, and Susana Espiru, 23, were jailed Saturday after the couple allegedly burned their 8-year-old daughter with a heated up spoon, then locked her overnight in a backyard shed.

According to police, an investigation was launched after the 8-year-old girl's grandmother approached a security officer and told them that her granddaughter had been abused by her parents.

The abuse started when the little girl was caught chasing her little brother around the house. When the little boy fell and cut his lip, Melendez-Baez and Espiru teamed up to deliver her punishment.

Investigators say Espiru held her daughter down while Melendez-Baez heated up a spoon and burned the girl with it. The couple then switched places, allowing Espiru an opportunity to burn her daughter with the spoon. The child sustained burns to her hand and hip from the assault.

After being burned, the couple locked the girl in a backyard shed, where she was forced to sleep for the night.

Detectives later learned that the little girl had been burned on other occasions as well.

Melendez-Baez and Espiru were booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail and charged with four counts of child abuse, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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Nononsense387 said...

Two fucking sick individuals!!!! Child abusers & molesters make my blood boil!!!!!! Let someone torture them like that & they will beg for their lives like the little bitches they are!!! And the mom actually took a turn to BURN HER OWN CHILD??? I pray this little one is placed in a safe home with NO molesters/abusers masquerading as loving, caring "foster parents". She has suffured MORE than enuf.

maceuk said...

Nasty pair of twats.

kendra30752 said...

This totally sickens me! It seems there are SOO many parents around their age lately that are just doing horrendous things to their kids. It makes me scared everytime I see a kid now! How could you burn your kid and be OK? How could you throw them out to sleep like a dog in the nighttime? How patethic this couple is. They make my stomach turn. Toss them out like dogs and let them live that way--without their poor children. I hope the children are able to recover from the abuse done by their monsterous parents! These people seemed to enjoy burning here because it says they then switched, allowing the other partner to inflict burns :( I hope they're time in prison is long and brutal!

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