March 11, 2012

Bernard Wasn't A Saint - Jailed After Having Sex With Two Pit Bulls

Atlanta, Ga. (The Weekly Vice) - Bernard Archer, a 19-year-old Georgia man was jailed after neighbors allegedly caught him having sex with two dogs.

According to the Newton County Sheriff's Office, an investigation was launched after witnesses caught Archer on video camera having sex with two dogs belonging to his employer, Dr. Cathryn Lafayette.

Investigators say Dr. Lafayette owns several pit bulls and needed help keeping her dog kennel clean. So she agreed to pay for Archer's GED courses in exchange for his help with the kennel.

That arrangement came to an end when Lafayette's neighbors caught Archer on video tape having sex with two of her dogs. Lafayette reportedly had trouble believing deputies when they knocked on her door with the news. Her doubts turned to disgust when deputies showed her a copy of the video.

"It showed him on his knees inside the kennel with my dog. he was on his knees like he was a dog," said Lafayette. "

Archer was booked into jail and charged with two felony counts of bestiality.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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