March 28, 2012

Austrian Man Saws Off Own Foot To Avoid Losing Unemployment Benefits

Feldbach, Austria (The Weekly Vice) - Hans Url, a 56-year-old Austrian man allegedly sawed off his own foot in attempt to avoid having to find a job.

According to Austrian authorities, Url's unemployment benefits were in jeopardy of being cut pending an appointment for a medical exam to determine if he was physically fit to work.

In an attempt to keep his benefits, Url reportedly used an electric saw to cut off his own foot in his boiler room. He then threw the severed foot into a lit wood stove to ensure that doctors would not be able reattach it.

Investigators say Url bled so much that he was close to death and called for an ambulance. When EMTs arrived on the scene, they found him covered in blood.

Emergency workers attempted to retrieve the foot out of the fire, but it was too damaged for doctors to reattach it. Url was airlifted to a hospital in Graz, where he was placed in an artificial coma due to loss of blood. His condition is listed as stable.

A spokesman for the job center stated that although he was missing a foot, Url may still have to work if there is a job for him. He had previously been receiving benefits due to an alleged bad back. Police are also investigating the case as an attempted suicide.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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Nononsense387 said...

Now THAT'S what I call pure laziness!!!! DTFL :O And to know that he STILL may hav2 find a J. O. B. It will make it even harder for & on him to work with one foot! Being on unemployment, I'm sure the dummy can't afford a prosthesis!!! This is knee smackin funny!!!!

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