February 29, 2012

Ronald Sellers Saw A Bath Salt Ghost

Church Hill, Tenn. (The Weekly Vice) - Ronald Sellers, a 37-year-old Tennessee man was jailed Friday after he allegedly reported a home invasion that turned out to be a drug-induced hallucination.

According to the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched to Sellers home after he called 911 to report burglars inside his residence.

When deputies arrived, Sellers stated that the intruder he saw was in the woods behind his home. Sellers then pointed towards the alleged intruder and stated "They are still standing there. Don't you see them?

When deputies looked and saw nothing, they took an even harder look at Sellers who appeared unsteady on his feet. Sellers eventually admitted that he had taken bath salts - an intoxicant known to cause hallucinations.

Concerned about the man's safety, deputies took him into custody. He was booked into the Hawkins County Jail and charged with public intoxication.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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