February 26, 2012

Police Officer Kevin Yang - Charged With Raiding Police Station Refrigerator

Deer Park, Texas (The Weekly Vice) - Kevin Yang, a police officer with the Deer Park Police Department has been suspended and charged with theft after he was allegedly caught stealing food out of the police station's refrigerator.

According to Deer Park Police, a surveillance camera sting operation was set up at police headquarters after several officers complained to the chief about food and beverage items that routinely came up missing from the station's community refrigerator.

Police Chief Greg Griggs approved the sting operation, setting up a camera and then stocking the refrigerator with various bait food.

Investigators say Yang was caught on camera November 19, taking an unopened can of Monster energy drink. The drink had been clearly marked with the initials of a detective who worked at the station.

Yang told investigators that he took some of the items "to keep the refrigerator clean," however he was caught again and again on video swiping food and beverage items that clearly belonged to other officers.

Yang was caught again on November 22 taking a bag of food items from the refrigerator that was clearly marked with an officer's initials. He was caught again on November 26 taking a Monster energy drink and yet again on November 27 stealing another Monster energy drink. In all instances, the food or beverage items were marked with the initials of the officers they belonged to.

Frustrated with the ongoing thefts, the department released a copy of the surveillance video to the public, charged Yang with misdemeanor theft and placed him on a 30-day unpaid suspension. He will return to his assigned duties after completing his 30-day suspension.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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