February 06, 2012

Michelle Busse - Jailed After Forcing Dog To Hobble On Bloody Stump For A Year

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Peoria, Ariz. (The Weekly Vice) - Michelle Busse, a 22-year-old Arizona woman was jailed after she allegedly denied an injured dog medical treatment after it had chewed off part of its own leg.

According to Peoria Police, an investigation was launched after authorities received a complaint of alleged animal abuse regarding an injured dog that had been denied medical treatment.

Investigators say Busse stated that her dog, Carmela, had been injured about a year ago after it was struck by an automobile.

After the accident, the dog reportedly chewed off a large part of its front leg which had been injured in the accident. The dog was forced to walk on exposed bone, and left a bloody bone print wherever it walked. The injury also appeared to be infected.

Busse had taken the dog to a vet and was offered a payment plan to have the dog treated, but she decided against it, according to the arrest report. She also refused to have the dog humanely euthanized to end her prolonged suffering.

Busse was booked into jail and charged with animal cruelty. Prosecutors also plan to seek restitution for the cost of having the dog treated.

The dog was transferred to the Humane Society of Arizona, where a vet amputated the remaining portion of the dog's injured leg.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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