February 07, 2012

Judge Orders Husband To Treat Wife To Dinner And Bowling Following Domestic Disturbance

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Joseph Bray, a 47-year-old Fort Lauderdale man was sentenced to dinner and bowling with his wife after he allegedly assaulted her during a domestic disturbance.

According to Fort Lauderdale police, Bray and his wife reportedly got into an argument Monday because he did not wish her happy birthday. The argument became physical when he reportedly pushed her down onto a couch, put his hands around her neck, and raised his fist as if he was preparing to punch her.

Bray never punched his wife, but he was arrested and booked into jail on domestic battery charges.

During Bray's court hearing, the judge asked Bray's wife if she was afraid of her husband or if she had been physically assaulted by him before. She stated repeatedly that she had never been assaulted by her husband before, felt safe in his presence and desired for him to be back at home.

The judge then asked the woman what her favorite restaurant was and if she had an activity that she enjoyed. The woman stated that she liked Red Lobster and enjoyed bowling.

The judge thought for a moment and then rendered a decision that he thought would suitably resolve the case.

He then ordered Bray to purchase flowers, take his wife to dinner and then take her bowling. He then ordered the couple to begin attending marriage counseling within the week.

Both the wife and Bray appeared to be happy with the judge's decision.

Before moving to the next case, the judge took a moment to explain his decision, stating that he wouldn't have ordered the couple to dinner and bowling if the conflict had escalated to something more serious or if the woman felt that she would be in danger.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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