February 09, 2012

Jasper Smiddie - Teen Jailed After Shooting Grandmother With Crossbow, Stabbing Her 100 Times

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Lake Wales, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Jasper Aristotle Smiddie, a 19-year-old Florida man was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly stabbed his grandmother 93 times, beat her with a pipe wrench, then shot her in the head with a crossbow.

And why would he commit such a brutal crime? Because he was angry with his uncle.?.

According to the Polk County Sheriff's Department, Smiddie was reportedly living with his grandmother, 67-year-old Gloria Helfrich, when he brutally murdered her in her bedroom.

Investigators say Smiddie shot his grandmother in the head with a crossbow, beat her with a pipe wrench and then stabbed her nearly 100 just in case an arrow to the head wasn't enough. He then locked the bedroom door and waited for his uncle, who also lived at the home.

Smiddie reportedly carried on with his day - eating and watching television - as if nothing happened - before fleeing the residence the next morning.

Police say Smiddie called his father and described in detail what he had done to his grandmother. His father immediately called police and alerted them to the location of her body.

When detectives questioned Smiddie, he claimed that he had blacked out for two hours during the murder, then regained consciousness two hours later to find blood all over himself and his deceased grandmother.

He spoke very openly about the murder, and stated that at first he was going to kill his uncle, but decided to kill his grandmother so that his uncle would live the rest of his life knowing that his mother had been murdered. Detectives still do not know why Smiddie was so angry with his uncle.

He was booked into the Highlands County Jail and charged with first-degree murder. He was then transferred to the Polk County Jail.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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