February 27, 2012

James Summers - Walks Into Denny's Restaurant, Declares Himself The New Manager, Begins Cooking Himself A Hamburger

Madison, Wis. (The Weekly Vice) - James Summers, a 52-year-old Wisconsin man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly walked into an area Denny's restaurant, told the staff he was the new manager, and began to fix himself a hamburger.

According to Madison police, Summers walked into a local Denny's restaurant dressed in a tie and carrying a briefcase. He then walked into the manager's office, declared himself the new manager, and proceeded to fix himself a hamburger and french fries.

Investigators say Summers approached the real manager, Tracy Brant, who was busy counting down the day's receipts in the managers office. He declared that he was the store's new general manager and would be starting work that evening.

Brant confronted Summers, stating that she had never been notified of such a change, while suggesting that he had perhaps arrived at the wrong restaurant. Summers insisted, however, that he was at the right store and would begin his shift by cooking dinner for himself.

Brant contacted the the company's personnel manager, who confirmed that Summers was never hired as a manager.

After Summers refused to leave again, Brant contacted police.

Officers arrived on scene to find Summers walking across the store parking lot. Summers told detectives that he had a drug and alcohol addiction.

Summers was booked into jail and charged with disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was also charged with felony possession of an electronic weapon after police found a stun gun inside his briefcase.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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