February 20, 2012

Ian Summers - Jailed After Leaving Woman Behind To Be Mauled By Pit Bull

Orange County, FL (The Weekly Vice) - Ian Summers, a 30-year-old Florida man was jailed after he allegedly brought a prostitute to an abandoned house and then fled as a pit bull mauled the woman. The woman's arm and leg were amputated as a result.

According to the Orange County Sheriffs Office, Summers and known prostitute, Robin Johnson, were trespassing in an abandoned house, when they encountered a pit bull inside.

Investigators say the pair had just entered the home with the intention of having sex and smoking crack cocaine when a pit bull named Feisty attacked Johnson. But instead of helping the woman or calling for help, Summers reportedly fled, closing the door behind him. The woman was left alone to fend for herself.

"When (the dog) attacked, I did not want to be anywhere near that dog," Summers reportedly told deputies. "so I left and closed the door."

Summers initially told deputies that he did go for help, however witnesses say Summers simply ran away and it was another man who went for help.

As a result, the dog severely mauled the woman, causing injuries so severe doctors were forced to amputate her arm and leg. She was also left in a coma for several days following the attack.

Summers was booked into the Orange County Jail and charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling and culpable negligence.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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