February 15, 2012

Holly Grigsby - Murder Suspect Demands Right To Eat Cocoa Puffs In Jail

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Everett, Wa. (The Weekly Vice) - Holly Grigsby, a 24-year-old woman awaiting trial on murder charges filed a motion in her case, demanding that she be allowed to eat Cocoa Puff in jail.

According to court records, Holly Grigsby and her boyfriend, 31-year-old David Pedersen are in jail awaiting trial on a string of murders after their arrest last October.

The couple has been charged with murdering Pedersen's father and his wife. The couple has also been charged with the grisly murders of two men.

This week, attorneys for Grigsby and Pederson spent two hours in court asking the judge to allow their clients access to the prison commissary. The couple has been denied access to the prison commissary because they are housed in a maximum security facility and that sugary snacks can be used to make prison alcohol.

Grigsby has received several violations while she's been incarcerated, including trying to brew alcohol in her cell.

Grigsby's attorney, stated that his client wanted access to Cocoa Puffs, candy bars and other snack items. He argued that denying her access to her favorite snack foods was a violation of her constitutional rights.

The court will reconvene in March where the judge is expected to rule on the matter.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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