February 13, 2012

Family Sues After Deceased Grandmother Is Dropped Head-First Out Of Casket

Frankfort, Kentucky (The Weekly Vice) - A Kentucky family is suing the owners of a local cemetery after they allegedly dropped the casket, causing their deceased grandmother to fall out of the casket head into the burial plot..

According to the family's attorney, 85-year-old Katherine Galbraith was being buried at the Sunset Memorial Gardens last March when cemetery workers reportedly dropped the casket, causing Galbraith to fall head-first out of the casket to the ground.

Several of the woman's personal belongings fell out of the casket and into the grave, including a rose and pearl necklace.

Investigators say the workers were attempting to lower the casket into the grave using a backhoe instead of a standard lowering mechanism when they dropped and broke the casket.

Galbraith's daughter, Ruth Ritter, stated that the cemetery called and informed her that the casket had been scratched, but didn't disclose that her mother's body had actually fallen out of the casket.

The cemetery later disinterred the deceased woman's remains so that family members could see the extent of the damage. Family members noted that mud and several abbrassions were found on the deceased woman's body and the casket had been badly damaged.

The woman was then reburied two days later.

Family members describe Galbraith as a meticulous person, pointing at that she even wore lipstick and earrings each day at the hospital.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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