February 29, 2012

Adrian Kline Was The Tooth Fairy's Evil Twin Brother

Longmont, Colorado (The Weekly Vice) - Adrian Kline, a 43-year-old Brighton man was jailed Friday after he allegedly stole gold teeth from bodies that were to be cremated, then sold them at local pawn shops.

According to the Logmont Police Department, Kline, who worked as a contract embalmer at several local funeral homes, reportedly removed the gold crowns from deceased people's teeth. He then embalmed the bodies, cremated them, and then sifted through the cremated remains for more dental gold.

Investigators say Longmont area pawn brokers found it strange that Kline had so much dental gold at his disposal to pawn and called police.

Kline reportedly told the pawn brokers that his grandfather had been a dentist for many years so he had piles of gold teeth that he was willing to sell. He initially told police that he found the teeth in a dumpster behind the mortuary, however, officers couldn't confirm his story.

Detectives say that Kline sold his teeth at 17 different locations and made over $4,000. Several bags of gold teeth were recovered. Kline stated that he had 8 children and he stole the teeth because he needed money to feed them.

Kline was booked into jail and charged with 10 felony counts of providing false information.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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