January 18, 2012

To Live And Die In LA - Dog Walkers Discover Freshly Severed Head Near Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles, Ca. (The Weekly Vice) - Los Angeles police are baffled after a pair of hikers found a freshly decapitated head near the famed Hollywood sign in Hollywood California.

According to Los Angeles police, two people were out walking their dog along a dirt trail just below the Hollywood sign when their pet alerted to what appeared to be a discarded bag.

Inside the bag, however, was a severed human head that police believe could not have been in the area long due to its condition.

"One of the dogs ran into the brush and came out carrying a plastic grocery bag," said Police Cmdr. Andrew Smith. "As the dog shook the bag, the severed human head fell out."

Search crews quickly set up a grid system and employed the use of cadaver dogs to search the area for additional body parts. Their efforts, so far, have turned up two severed hands and two severed feet in addition to the decapitated head found earlier. Forensics experts are now testing the body parts to see if they belong to the same person.

Los Angeles homicide detectives have been checking recent missing persons reports for a lead that might shed light on the victim's identity. Investigators described the victim as 40-60 years of age with salt and pepper colored hair.

Police continued the search until late Wednesday evening and will continue the search Thursday morning.

So far, police have announced no leads or suspects in the case.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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