January 29, 2012

Sonia Watson - Wanted By Police After Robbing Business With Curling Iron

Toledo, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Sonia Watson, a 41-year-old Toledo woman is wanted by police after she allegedly tried to rob a local tax service business with a curling iron.

According to Toledo Police, Watson and her son entered Liberty Tax service Thursday evening using articles of clothing to conceal their faces.

When the pair saw that several customers were still inside the business, they lowered their masks and waited for customers to leave.

Once the last customer had left the establishment, Watson and her son covered their faces again and attempted to rob the clerks with a curling iron.

The employees refused to give the suspects any cash, and instead threw a chair and a plastic bottle at them. The suspects managed to grab a cash drawer anyway, then fled the scene.

Officers were able to identify the suspects because Watson had recently been to the business to have her tax return prepared. Both suspects are now fugitives. Anyone with any information about the alleged crime or the suspects' whereabouts is urged to contact the Toledo Police Department at (419) 245-3340.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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