January 25, 2012

Mary Thompson - Jailed After Beating Cat To Death With Hammer Over Apartment Rental Policy

Yankton, SD (The Weekly Vice) - Mary Thompson, a 52-year-old South Dakota woman was jailed Monday after she allegedly used a hammer to beat her cat to death.

According to police, officers were dispatched to Canyon Ridge Apartments after the apartment manager reported that a tenant had beaten her cat to death with a hammer.

Investigators say the manager visited Thompson at her apartment Monday to discuss the issue of having two pets, when her lease agreement limits the number of pets a tenant can keep to just one pet.

The manager had confronted Thompson in the past over the issue, however Thompson assured the manager that she would find a new home for one of her cats.

The manager told detectives that she was talking with Thompson about the two animals when Thompson went to the kitchen, grabbed a hammer and then sat down on the couch next to one of her cats.

Thompson then allegedly used the hammer to beat the cat to death as the horrified manager fled the apartment in fear.

Police obtained a search warrant the next day, however the cat was nowhere to be found. Thompson later told detectives that she killed the cat and disposed of its body in the dumpster.

Thompson was booked into jail on a misdemeanor count of killing or injuring an animal.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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