January 17, 2012

David Belniak - Man Convicted Of Killing Three People During Drunken Car Crash Now Suing Victims

Left: David Belniak -- Right: crash victims Denise and Gerard Bassi

Spring Hill, California (The Weekly Vice) - David Belniak, a 38-year-old man who was sent to prison for killing three people during a drunken car crash, has now decided to remedy the situation by suing the victims' families.

According to Spring Hill police, Belniak reportedly crashed into the back of a vehicle that was stopped at a red light on Christmas day, 2007. Belniak never hit the brakes, slamming into the victims' car at a speed of 75 to 85 mph. Three people inside the victims' car died as a result of the accident. A fourth victim was injured, but survived the crash.

Investigators quickly determined that Belniak was at fault and that he had both drugs and alcohol in his system at the time of the accident. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison last August after pleading guilty to three counts of DUI manslaughter.

Belniak is now suing the victims and their families, claiming that the accident was not his fault, demanding compensation for his pain and suffering as a result of the accident. Belniak's attorney has stated that the driver of the vehicle, who died at the scene, caused the crash by making a last minute lane change.

Florida Troopers maintain that the victim's vehicle was stopped at a red light and that Belniak had alcohol, Xanax, and cocaine in his system at the moment the accident occurred.

The family is working to counter-sue Belniak in civil court.

Records show that Belniak has been arrested on several DUI charges over the last few years. In one case, officers found a gallon of the intoxicant GHB, commonly known as the "date rape" drug, while searching his vehicle. He served 17 months in prison for trafficking the drug. He also hit and killed a pedestrian in 1994. He was not charged in that case.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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