January 12, 2012

Carrie Fitzpatrick - Jailed After Child Calls 911 On Suspected Burglar, Mother Arrested Instead

Southington, CT (The Weekly Vice) - Carrie Fitzpatrick, a 36-year-old Connecticut woman was jailed after police were dispatched to her home to investigate a burglary - but found a marijuana factory instead.

According to police, officers were dispatched to Fitzpatrick's home after 911 operators received a 911 hangup call from the residence.

When officers arrived, Fitzpatrick told them her minor daughter made the 911 call in regards to a suspected burglary.

Investigators found a sliding glass back door to the residence that had been shattered, so they searched the home for the suspected burglar. No burglar was found inside the residence, however officers did find Fitzpatrick's alleged marijuana stash. All 7.5 pounds of it.

In total, officers found 7.5 pounds of marijuana - all labeled with pricing stickers, scales, plastic bags with cocaine residue inside them and $1,600 in cash.

Fitzpatrick - who will likely never again report a burglary while her house is loaded with marijuana - was booked into jail and charged with marijuana possession with intent to sell, possession of narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia, operating a drug factory and risk of injury to minors. She was released after posting a $100,000 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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