January 15, 2012

Brandon Stancliff And Lauri Ruble - Charged With Bringing 5-Year-Old Along During Bank Robbery

Island Lake, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Brandon Stancliff and Lauri Ruble have been jailed after they allegedly brought a 5-year-old child along to a bank robbery.

According to police, the couple was arrested after an informant seeking a reward provided a tip to police that identified the couple as suspects in a bank robbery that occurred last month.

Investigators say Lauri Ruble admitted to the robbery and expressed regret over bringing her 5-year-old son along.

Ruble told FBI investigators that Stancliff grabbed a bandana and a butcher knife before the pair secured the child in a car seat and headed towards a Wauconda Community Bank branch in Island Lake.

Ruble explained that she first went into the bank to learn how many tellers were on duty. Stancliff then tied a bandana around his face and entered the bank wielding the knife.

Stancliff then demanded cash from a teller while displaying the knife. He fled the scene with $4,800 in cash.

Ruble and Stancliff were arrested and booked into jail on a charge of robbery. Child welfare officials are now investigating and additional charges of child abuse and neglect may be added.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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