January 31, 2012

Ashley Stevens - Charged With Huffing Aerosol Can While Young Son Cried "Something Is Wrong With Mommy"

Eau Claire, Wis. (The Weekly Vice) - Ashley Stevens, a 26-year-old Wisconsin woman was jailed Monday after she was allegedly caught huffing in a Wal-Mart bathroom while her toddler son cried for help.

According to police, officers were called to an Eau Claire Walmart after a customer found Stevens in a bathroom stall huffing from an aerosol can.

The customer was alerted after hearing a child crying out that something was wrong with his mommy. The customer broke into the stall and grabbed away the can after Stevens appeared to be passed out.

When Stevens regained consciousness, she stormed out of the bathroom and continued shopping. Customers watched her until police arrived on the scene.

On Friday, Stevens was arrested once again for driving under the influence with the same little boy in the car. Investigators say Stevens was passed out at the wheel, with a syringe in her coat pocket. Needle marks found on her arm showed recent signs of drug use.

Stevens now faces charges of intentionally abusing a hazardous substance, and driving under the influence. She is due back in court in March.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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