January 17, 2012

Andrea Smith Took A Stab At Marriage Counseling- Jailed After Hurling Knife At Husband

Andrea Smith Jail Booking Report
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Crestview, Fl. (The Weekly Vice) - Andrea Smith, a 29-year-old Florida ensured her marriage's demise when she allegedly threw a knife at her husband after he suggested that the two of them should get a divorce.

According to Crestview Police, officers were dispatched to the couple's home earlier this month after Smith attacked her husband.

Investigators say the attack came just a few hours after Smith's husband told her that he wanted a divorce. After delivering the news, the husband stated that he tried to avoid confrontation with his soon-to-be ex by moving to another room whenever she'd enter.

The husband went on to say he was out in the garage when Smith found him during a search of the house. When the husband tried to move back inside the house to avoid confrontation, Smith allegedly became irate.

In retaliation, Smith "grabbed and pulled him by the back of his jacket, causing him to fall through an end table onto the ground," stated the arrest report.

When the husband got to his feet and tried to leave the room again, Smith reportedly grabbed a kitchen knife and hurled it at him. The knife struck the man in the side, but didn't cause serious injury.

Smith told officers that she "had been upset all day" after hearing the news of a divorce. She allegedly admitted to throwing a knife at her husband but thought she had missed him.

She was booked into the Okaloosa County Jail and charged with aggravated domestic battery. Her bond was set at $10,000.

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