December 28, 2011

Woman Jumps Into Elephant Exhibit - Pets Elephants Like They Were Baby Kittens

Los Angeles, California (The Weekly Vice) - an unidentified woman was jailed after she allegedly jumped into an elephant pen at the Los Angeles Zoo and ran to pet the elephants while dozens of shocked spectators watched.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the woman told another zoo patron that she was "going to go pet the elephants now." That's when she crossed a ditch, squeezed through a wire fence and then entered the exhibit.

One spectator captured the event on film, while others screamed at the woman to get away from the animals before she was flattened by them.

Investigators say when staff members at the zoo realized the woman was inside the elephant pen, they also began screaming at her to come out of the exhibit. She finally complied, exiting the pen the same way she entered. Witnesses stated that she was in the pen for at least 5 minutes.

Police were called, and the woman was placed under arrest. She was then taken to a local hospital to receive treatment for various mental illnesses. Zoo officials claim the barriers protecting the recently-expanded elephant sanctuary are adequate to protect both the animals and the zoo visitors.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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