December 01, 2011

Tkeyah Jordan And Trevor Swanson Beat, Burned And Tortured Baby Nalaya To Death

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Reno, Nevada (The Weekly Vice) - Tkeyah Jordan, 21, and her live-in boyfriend Trevor Swanson, 27, were jailed last week after Jordan's 2-year-old daughter arrived at the hospital with child-abuse related injuries.

A charge of murder was added Tuesday after the little girl, identified as Nalaya Jordan, passed away from her injuries on Monday.

According to Reno Police, an investigation was launched last week when Jordan's 2-year-old daughter, Nalaya, arrived at the hospital in full cardiac arrest.

Investigators say the child arrived at the hospital with numerous injuries that included: bleeding on the brain, retinal hemorrhaging, a burned face, a ruptured liver, a ruptured spleen and numerous bone fractures that were in different stages of healing.

Initially, the couple told detectives that the child received her injuries after she climbed onto a crib and fell. That excuse was quickly dismissed by doctors due to the nature of the child's injuries.

Eventually the couple admitted to repeatedly abusing Nalaya during most of her short life.

Jordan and Swanson allegedly told police that the child's "whining" was a trigger that caused both of them to punch the child in the face on a semi-regular basis. In one instance Swanson reportedly jerked the Nalaya's arm out of it's socket. Instead of seeking medical treatment, the couple reportedly moved the toddler's arm around until it popped back into place.

The couple also admitted to medicating Nalaya for her injuries by blowing marijuana smoke into her face. They allegedly admitted to doing so because they feared taking the child to a hospital would result in child abuse charges.

On Nov. 21, Jordan was asleep following a meth binge while Swanson watched her daughter.

Detectives say Swanson became angry when Nalaya began to cry. In retaliation, he allegedly picked the toddler up and shook her to make her stop. When that didn't work, he allegedly beat the her with a belt.

Tkeyah told detectives that Swanson had become more and more violent over the last week or so, striking Nalaya in the face on an almost daily basis.

The couple called paramedics on Nov. 22nd when the child stopped breathing. Following a short investigation, the couple was taken into custody on child-abuse related charges.

Swanson received a new charge of murder on Tuesday after the child succumbed to her injuries on Monday.

Tkeyah Jordan now faces charges of child abuse causing substantial injuries, child neglect and domestic battery.

Trevor Swanson has been charged with murder, child abuse causing substantial injuries, child neglect and domestic battery.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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