December 22, 2011

Three High School Girls Sentenced After Icing Cake With Human Feces, Making Birthday Girl's Family Sick

West Chester, Pa. (The Weekly Vice) - Three Pennsylvania teenagers were sentenced to a variety of nasty chores Monday after they allegedly iced a cake with human feces, gave it to a classmate and then begged her to take a bite.

The classmate obliged, as did her family later that day.

Mayra Flores, 19, Ana Mireles, 18, and Sandra Ortiz, 18, pleaded guilty to charges of reckless endangerment and conspiracy for the incident. A fourth girl, who is unnamed because she is a juvenile, was also charged.

According to police, the four Avon Grove High School girls iced a cake with human feces and gave it to the victim for her March 23 birthday.

Investigators say the girls nagged the victim to eat a piece of the cake in front of them, which the victim eventually did.

The victim then brought the cake home, where her mother and three underage siblings also consumed unknown amounts of cake. After deciding that the cake didn't taste or smell right, the girl brought the cake back to school and showed it to a teacher.

State Trooper, Daniel Covert, was dispatched to the school after school administrators reported that the family had become ill after consuming the cake.

The four students who made the cake admitted to icing it with feces and provided written statements explaining the incident. The girls wrote in their statements that the feces was obtained from a toilet at Ortiz's residence, and was meant to be a prank.

The cake was sent to the state Health Department for testing. Test results indicated a presence of E coli bacteria, confirming the presence of human feces.

In a plea agreement, the three adult girls were sentenced to 200 hours of community service. The judge ordered the girls to complete specific tasks during their community service, which includes scrubbing toilets, urinals and bed pans at local senior centers. The teens may also complete their service by picking up dog droppings from area parks. The judge ordered the tasks to be completed during the girls' 22-month probationary period.

The juvenile involved in the case has not yet been sentenced.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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