December 28, 2011

Ryan Jarvis Has Some 'Splainin To Do - Charged With Stealing Engagement Ring That Turned Up On Facebook

Burlington, Vt (The Weekly Vice) - Ryan Jarvis, a 25-year-old Vermont man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly stole a $3,000 ring from a jewelry store to propose to his fiance.

Cops nabbed him after the fiance showed the ring off on Facebook.

According to police, an investigation was launched Monday after a man walked into a Zales Jewelry store and asked to see a 14-karat white gold solitaire ring that was priced at $3,199.

Investigators say the man grabbed the ring and fled the store. He later used the ring to propose marriage to his new fiance, Amber Lafountain.

On Tuesday, detectives received tips from three anonymous sources that stated they were friends with Lafountain and believed her new engagement ring might be the one that had been shown stolen in local news broadcasts.

Detectives met with the Lafountain later in the day and successfully matched her engagement ring's serial number with the serial number reported stolen by Zales officials.

Lafountain stated that she thought Jarvis had purchased the ring from a nearby Perrywinkle's Fine Jewelry store. She asked police if Jarvis had stolen the ring while handing it over to police.

Jarvis, who was arrested a short time later, told police that he stole the ring because he wasn't able to afford the ring he wanted.

He pleaded "not guilty" to retail theft on Wednesday. He was conditionally released from jail without bail.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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