December 07, 2011

Maryann Scott Had A Healthy Grip On A Hastened Divorce

Maryann Scott Jail Booking
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Indian River County, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Maryann Scott, a 49-year-old Indian River County resident was jailed after she allegedly grabbed ahold of her husband's testicle and refused to leg go until it was bruised and mangled.

According to the Indian River County Sheriff's Office, Scott and her husband were at home November 26th when she reportedly discovered that she was missing a ring that he had given her as a gift.

Scott became enraged when she realized her husband had hidden the ring and refused to tell her where it was. In retaliation, she picked up a knife and then firmly grabbed her husband's left testicle.

Investigators say Scott continued to squeeze her husband's testicle for at least two minutes until he was able to get her fist unclenched and call 911.

Officers responded to the scene and allowed the victim to take a picture of his testicle with their camera. Deputies reviewed the photos and confirmed that there was bruising and red marks consistent with the victim's statement.

Scott was apprehended and brought in for questioning. She stated that her husband had been drinking that night. The husband, however, stated that there had been ongoing marital issues and that he was planning on filing for a divorce.

He admitted to hiding the ring, which was valued at about $15,000. He also claimed that at some point during the argument, she grabbed a knife and threatened to kill him if he did not tell her where the ring was.

Scott was booked into jail on a charge of battery.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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