December 06, 2011

Patty White - Jailed After Woman Found Murdered Under Pile Of Christmas Presents

Columbia, South Carolina (The Weekly Vice) - Patty White, a 40-year-old York woman was jailed Saturday after she allegedly murdered her friend and hid her body under a pile of Christmas presents.

According to the York County Sheriff's Office, the body of 67-year-old Michele O'Dowd was found by her twin brother, who had gone to her residence in Jacksonville, Florida to check on her after she hadn't showed up at work.

Officers stated that her door was open, and her house had been ransacked. The victim was found under a pile of Christmas presents. Her face was bloody and covered with a towel.

Investigators say officers discovered that the victim's credit card had been used to withdraw $1,000 at two bank ATMs in Florida. Detectives were able to track down the suspect, who was later identified as Patty White.

Family members stated that she was the victim's nephew's ex-girlfriend and was considered a family friend. The victim allowed White to stay in her home for a month until the friendship ended for unknown reasons.

White went back South Carolina to stay with relatives, then returned to the victim's home with the intentions of robbing her. Something apparently went wrong, which led to White beating and strangling her former friend to death. Neighbors stated that they heard her screaming, but no one called police.

White was booked into the York County jail on fugitive charges. She is expected to be extradited Tuesday to Florida to face murder charges.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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