December 13, 2011

John Perry III - Raped Woman With Hand Gun After She Asked For Her Kitten Back

Lower Makefield, PA (The Weekly Vice) - John Perry III, a 64-year-old Pennsylvania man was jailed after he allegedly raped a woman with a hand gun after she asked for her kitten back.

According to Lower Makefield Police, Perry was watching a woman's kitten when the woman began to feel uncomfortable with him and worried that he might harm the kitten.

The woman met with Perry on Wednesday to retrieve the cat, but when she asked for her kitten, Perry refused.

Perry asked the woman to go for a ride with him so they could talk - promising to return the kitten to her when they returned. The woman made the grave mistake of getting into his car.

Investigators say Perry and the woman climbed into his 1989 Chevy and then drove around parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Perry stopped the car in Lower Makefield, rendering the woman vulnerable - especially since she had a cast on her leg and required crutches to walk. That's when Perry allegedly pulled out a hand gun and sexually assaulted the woman with it.

After completing the sexual assault, Perry reportedly threw the gun out of the car and then drove off, leaving the woman alone on the roadside.

When officers arrived at Perry's home to question him, Perry reportedly held a knife to his throat, threatening to commit suicide. Perry attempted to stab himself several times in the stomach, but was unsuccessful.

Officers used mace to distract Perry while kicking the knife out of his hand. He was then placed into custody without further incident.

Perry was booked into jail and charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, indecent assault, kidnapping, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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