December 22, 2011

Isiah Johnson - Karaoke Singer's Yowling Ends In Bar Brawl, Injuries To Three Bar Patrons

Sandusky, OH (The Weekly Vice) - Isiah Johnson, a 20-year-old Ohio man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly attacked a bar a crowd who didn't appreciate his karaoke singing.

According to police, Johnson had taken the stage Tuesday night to sing a little karaoke when he was quickly heckled and booed off stage.

Aggravated by the crowd, Johnson reportedly threw the microphone to the floor - which prompted the bar's bouncers to escort him to the door.

Investigators say Johnson refused to leave and re-entered the bar a few moments later. When bouncers and bar patrons tried to escort Johnson to the door again, Johnson allegedly began swinging - striking at least one person in the face.

When one bar patron tried to speak up on Johnson's behalf, Johnson reportedly punched him in the mouth, causing injury. Another bar patron who attempted to break up the crowd was also struck in the face by Johnson.

At this point a large crowd had developed around Johnson in an effort to hold him down, however he managed to escape and flee the bar before police arrived.

Johnson, who was walking away from the bar on a nearby road, fled when officers ordered him to stop. Both officers and bar patrons eventually took Johnson to the ground where he was placed into custody.

Johnson was booked into the Erie County Jail on three counts of assault. He was released after posting a $16,470 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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