December 28, 2011

Gina Robins Sought Revenge By Microwaving Friend's Kitten To Death

Torbay in Devon, UK (The Weekly Vice) - Gina Robins, a 31-year-old UK woman was sentenced to jail Wednesday after she allegedly microwaved her neighbor's pet kitten to death.

According to Devon magistrates court prosecutors, Robins and her friend ,Sarah Knutton, had just had a falling out when Robins sought revenge by microwaving Knutton's ten-week old kitten.

Investigators say Robins was inside Knutton's home when she asked Knutton if she could use her microwave to heat up some baby food for her child.

Moments later, Knutton reported hearing what sounded like a cracker package being popped. Following the sound she heard the kitten screech in agony while dying inside the microwave.

When she ran to the kitchen, the sight of the deceased kitten caused her to become sick in the kitchen sink.

Robbins then ran upstairs, grabbed her child's doll and left the residence without speaking.

After departing the residence, Robins sent Knutton a text message stating "Remember the saying 'What goes around comes around?' It has started already to bite you in the ass. The cat? (that's) karma."

In court, Robins claimed that Knutton was to blame because she ruined Robins' relationship by reporting her abusive boyfriend.

Robins then claimed that the cat jumped into the microwave after fleeing another cat and the microwave turned on by itself.

Robins was sentenced by the Magistrates court to 168 days in jail and was told she would have to serve "at least half of that."

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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