December 15, 2011

Eric Whitaker - Jailed After Crashing Truck Into Gas Station While Attempting To Run Over Girlfriend, Crashing Second Car Just Moments Later

Columbia, Tenn. (The Weekly Vice) - Eric Whitaker, a 40-year-old Tennessee man was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly drove his truck into a gas station while attempting to run over his girlfriend.

The shocking incident was captured by the gas station's security cameras.

According to Columbia police, officers were dispatched after Whitaker drove a Toyota Tundra into a local gas station while attempting to run over his girlfriend. He then reportedly jumped into another customer's vehicle and crashed head-on into an oncoming vehicle.

Store video surveillance cameras captured the action as 37-year-old Laquisha Dansby fled inside a gas station from her boyfriend who was in hot pursuit with his truck.

The video showed Dansby narrowly escaping as the pickup crashed through the store's front doors and into a cashier counter. The store's owner, Surendra Patel, received minor injuries from flying debris caused by the crash.

Whitaker then exited his truck, and attempted to flee by commandeering another customer's vehicle. His quick escape was stopped short when he crashed head-on into a delivery truck immediately after leaving the store's parking lot.

Whitaker was airlifted to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville where he received treatment for his injuries.

He was then booked into jail on two counts of aggravated assault, attempted homicide, theft of property and reckless endangerment.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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