December 18, 2011

Eldon Alexander And Korin Vanhouten Got A Visit From Mother Karma

Odgen, Utah (The Weekly Vice) - Eldon Alexander, 36, and Korin Vanhouten, 47, were charged Thursday after their car was allegedly burglarized while they were inside a store shoplifting.

According to Odgen police, Alexander and Vanhouten were busted for shoplifting after they attempted to walk out of the WinCo Foods store without paying for several small items.

Investigators say store security officers apprehended the couple as they attempted to leave the store. They were brought to a back room, processed and then released

The officer cited the couple and allowed them to leave - but as the officer attempted to leave, he was flagged down again by the couple as they stood near their car.

Investigators say Alexander and Vanhouten told the deputy that their vehicle was broken into while they were inside the store and several items were stolen. The stolen items included a stereo, an amplifier, a drum machine and a pack of cigarettes.

Surveillance video showed a man in a red hooded sweatshirt scoping out the vehicle, then entering it and stealing the items.

The value of the items stolen from the car exceeded the value of the couple's theft by $60.

Karma..... sweet Karma.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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