December 14, 2011

Christina Almanza - Pregnant Teen Charged After Faking Abduction To Escape Parent's Wrath

Sacramento, CA (The Weekly Vice) - Christina Almanza, a 17-year-old California woman was arrested after she allegedly faked her own abduction - setting off a statewide amber alert - because she was afraid her parents would be upset to discover she was pregnant.

According to the Solano County Sheriffs Office, a statewide amber alert was issued Thursday after Almanza's parents received voicemail and text messages from their daughter indicating that she was in grave danger.

Investigators say the messages indicated that Almanza and other females had been kidnapped and imprisoned against their will in the basement of a home. The messages also indicated that one female might have been killed.

Almanza was found the next day after police went to a home to seek information from one of Almanza's contacts. When they arrived at the home, they found the 1999 Oldsmobile minivan Almanza was last seen driving.

Almanza was found unharmed and eventually admitted to making up the abduction.

Almanza told police that that she merely wanted her parents attention and did not expect that law enforcement would become involved. A family friend stated that Almanza was was hoping the abduction would make her parents less angry with the news of her recent pregnancy.

Almanza is already a parent to a 2-year-old child.

Almanza was charged with filing a false police report and then released into the custody of her parents. Authorities are considering a fine of up to $30,000 to help cover the cost of wasted police resources.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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