December 04, 2011

Ashley Stapert - Jailed After Baby Contracts Genital Warts From Sexual Assault

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Muncie, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Ashley Stapert, a 21-year-old Indiana woman was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly sexually assaulted her friend's 6-month-old daughter, who inevitably contracted genital warts from the assault.

According to Muncie Police, Stapert admitted to sexually assaulting the 6-month-old child along. Stapert's ex-boyfriend was also allegedly implicated in the assault.

The alleged sexual assault occurred when Stapert and her ex-boyfriend watched the child, while the mother was at work. Stapert admitted to fondling and performing a sexual act on the infant.

An investigation was launched after the baby arrived at Riley Hospital for Children and was diagnosed with genital warts.

The child's mother told police that she let Stapert and her ex-boyfriend stay at her residence because they were homeless. She also explained that she trusted Stapert with her baby because she and Stapert had been friends since the eight grade.

"I never in a million years would have thought (this could happen)," said the child's mother. "It's bad because I can't do anything. I've got to sit here and watch my little girl suffer."

The mother also stated that since the incident, Stapler has approached her about "being friends again."

"What I want for her, I want her to look me in the face and tell me exactly what she did to my daughter. And then I want her to get the maximum sentence that she can get. I don't every want her back on the street, ever," she added.

Stapert was booked into the Delaware County Jail on charges of child molestation. Police are now looking for the ex-boyfriend in question.

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