December 13, 2011

Angela Goss Is Doing A "Bang-Up" Job As Mother - Literally

Indiana County, Pennsylvania (The Weekly Vice) - Angela Goss, a 28-year-old Indiana County woman was jailed after she allegedly broke her 4-year-old daughter's leg because the little girl wet herself and part of the floor.

Goss then allegedly refused to take the girl to a hospital, choosing to go to a methadone clinic instead "because they were about to close."

According to the Indiana County Sheriff's Office, Goss dragged the child across the floor in a hallway after the toddler reportedly wet herself and possibly the floor.

Investigators say the little girl's leg struck the corner of an entertainment center while Goss was dragging her across the floor. The impact broke the toddler's left tibia.

Investigators say instead of seeking medical attention for the injured child, Goss went to a methadone clinic because it was about to close.

Four hours later, the girl's grandmother took her to a local hospital while Goss went to sleep in the car. Goss denied the accusations against her and claimed that she was a "good mom" who "took care of her kids".

Goss was booked into jail and charged with aggravated assault and child endangerment,

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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