November 06, 2011

Three Women Jailed During "Name Your Own Price" Prostitution Sting

Myrtle Beach, S.C. (The Weekly Vice) - One of the few perks of the prostitution trade is the ability to name you're own price. Three Myrtle Beach women were indicted on prostitution charges this week by a Horry County grand jury for doing just that, say prosecutors.

According to police, Jill Figueroa, 36, Alexis Hodges, 35, and Seana Spreng, 40, were jailed after police conducted an undercover prostitution sting that targeted several Horry County strip clubs and an online escort service.

The operation was launched after the department received several complaints about prostitution in Horry County.

Investigators say Figueroa and Hodges were arrested after they each agreed to perform sexual acts for $250. Spreng had a different figure in mind, however. She reportedly offered to have sex with an undercover officer in exchange for beer.

All three women were arrested back in July, however, their official indictments weren't handed down until this week.

Figeuroa was indicted on charges of prostitution and possession of Oxycotin. Hodges was indicted on second-offense prostitution. Spreng - the value price leader - was indicted on a third-offense prostitution charge.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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