November 21, 2011

Stephen Holguin Thought His Friend Was A Vag-Bag-Hag - Charged With Attempting To Hide Drugs Inside Woman's Vagina

Las Cruces, New Mexico (The Weekly Vice) - Stephen Holguin, a 26-year-old New Mexico man was indicted Thursday after he allegedly tried to hide his drugs by shoving them up his female friend's vagina.

According to police, an investigation was launched earlier this month after officers received a tip that alleged Holguin was in possession of 21 grams of heroin and was being picked up by a female friend at the Sands Motel in Las Cruces.

The tip proved to be valuable as officers watched a woman pick Holguin up from the motel while driving a green Honda. Officers also caught a lucky break when the vehicle driven by the woman had expired tags.

When the officer pulled the woman and Holguin over, Holguin could be seen "making furtive movements toward the driver of the vehicle and under and near the console of the vehicle," according to the arrest affidavit.

When the officer asked to search the vehicle, Holguin admitted to hiding marijuana under his seat, which was recovered by the officer.

Officers then questioned the driver, who had no intention on going to jail for Holguin's drug habit.

The woman quickly told the officer that Holguin "retrieved a plastic bag with a dark substance from inside his pants, then shoved the bag in her crotch area against her intimate parts," according to the arrest report. He then ordered her to "shove this up there."

The woman handed the bagged substance to the officer, which was later identified as 21.4 grams of heroin.

Holguin was indicted on charges of drug trafficking, tampering with evidence and criminal sexual penetration.

The woman was not charged in the case.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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