November 29, 2011

Ruth Wagner Graduated To Santa's "Naughty" List - Jailed After Stabbing Woman With Christmas Ornament

Southington, Conn. (The Weekly Vice) - Ruth Wagner, a 55-year-old Connecticut woman was jailed Sunday after she allegedly tried to shoplift a Christmas ornament, and then used it to stab a woman while fleeing the scene.

According to Southington Police, Wagner was finishing up her holiday shoplifting at a local Christmas craft fair Sunday when she spied a nifty seashell ornament that she attempted to swipe.

A woman who saw the theft, tried to prevent Wagner from leaving the fair, but Wagner wasn't having any part of it. That's when she allegedly used the ornament to stab the woman while attempting to make her getaway.

Officers located and arrested Wagner a short time later.

Wagner was booked into jail on charges of assault, robbery, reckless endangerment, larceny and breach of the peace.

The stabbing victim required surgery to remove a piece of the ornament from her arm.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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