November 27, 2011

Robert Rutledge And The Wife Who Refused To Die

Robert Rutledge Jail Booking

Lakeland, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Robert Rutledge, a 47-year-old Florida man was jailed Monday after he allegedly strangled his wife with a rope - then strangled her again, when he learned she wasn't dead.

According to the Polk County Sheriffs Office, Rutledge became angry when he tapped into his wife's phone conversation and learned that she was talking to another man.

In retaliation, Rutledge disconnected the phone line, grabbed a rope and strangled his wife with it until she finally passed out.

Investigators say Rutledge, who is a Verizon Wireless employee used his expertise to tap into his own phone line. After listening to his wife's conversation, he reportedly disconnected his home phone line and then traveled to his home to confront his wife.

That's when he reportedly wrapped a rope around his wife's neck and choked her until she fell unconscious.

When she regained consciousness a short time later, Rutledge attempted to strangle her again, however she was able to break free and run to a neighbor's home for help.

Deputies who arrived at the scene found rope burns around the woman's neck. Rutledge, fled the scene before deputies arrived but turned himself in at a Sheriff's Office sub station the next day.

Rutledge was booked into the Polk County Jail on charges of attempted murder, obstruction of justice, interception of a communication and domestic battery by strangulation. Bail has been set at $36,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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