November 10, 2011

Raymond Harris - Murdered Elderly Woman For Her Wedding Ring, Planned To Use Ring To Propose To Girlfriend

Chicago, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Raymond Harris, a 36-year-old Chicago area parolee was jailed Thursday after he allegedly beat an elderly woman to death, stole her wedding ring and then planned to use the ring to propose to his girlfriend.

According to police, Harris attacked and beat to death 73-year-old Virginia Perillo. He then reportedly stole the woman's engagement ring, wedding ring and purse before fleeing the scene.

Investigators say Harris then showed off the rings at a party just hours later and asked a friend which ring he should use to propose to his girlfriend..

Harris, who resides in Carpentersville, was arrested after authorities were able to match his DNA to a bloody watch that he dropped inside Perillo's car.

Perillo had just returned home after visiting her husband in the hospital. Detectives found her deceased body laying face down in a pool of blood. Her vehicle was still running when police arrived on the scene.

Court records indicate that Harris was paroled earlier this year after serving just 13 years of a 30-year sentence. He was sentenced in 1997 for attempted murder and aggravated arson.

In that case, Harris broke into a woman's home before raping, cutting and beating her over a period of several hours. He then set the house on fire before fleeing the scene. The victim reportedly woke up with her legs on fire and suffered third-degree burn as a result.

Three weeks prior to that attack, Harris had been released from jail following a conviction for robbery, burglary and vehicular invasion.

Harris was booked into jail Thursday on charges of first-degree murder and robbery.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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loug1966 said...

There you go parole board and Ill. courts. Not once but twice you let this feral ape out and it resulted in serious violent crimes with the end results worse. The laws only get stricter when "important" people get hurt, not us little people. I will say it again, the judicial system is a game and the biggest liar/wealthiest are the winners. Our forefathers never saw the craziness coming when the Amendmets were written. The US gets more violent and its harder to protect yourself. Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

yeah this guy's just another poor misunderstood Trayvon.. really.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous go f**k yourself its a huge different between him and an innocent 17 year old kid

Anonymous said...

I agree, how can you compare this scumbag monkey to Trayvon Martin? you fucking delusional racist idiots. Just cuz they're both black. Every nasty disgusting evil arch criminal n***** is suddenly trayvon martin, a black teenager. and yes, there is a difference between black people and n******. i should know, i'm the former.

Anonymous said...

Things like this explain why blacks consistently get longer prison sentences than whites. It's because blacks re-offend, over and over, and their crimes are typically more depraved and sadistic.

Whites used to supply blacks with food, shelter and clothing in exchange for picking cotton. That was back in the day. Now we supply them with food, shelter and clothing, and crime like this is what we get back.

Clearly this is the result of a massive mistake.

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